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Alive And Well in 2013

  1. be PRO airbrush: This is the best airbrush makeup bar none and in stock. The first classes take place next Monday and Tuesday. Airbrush makeup will continue to be a growth category for service-oriented salons and spas.

  2. be PRO cosmetics: The line has been updated to include some of the coolest makeup items and accessories. Love, love, love the new retail displays. They are innovative, dust and fingerprint safe and will add retail sales immediately.

  3. black 15in1 Miracle Finishing Hair Spray: The first salon hairspray that protects hair color from fading, offers 100% UV protection, humidity-proof and smells wonderful. Oh, satin soft touch and max shine too. In stock.

  4. STYLIST WATER: This is going to be the hit new product category of the year. All I can say is that everyone wants it and manufacturing issues have put the launch back two more weeks towards the end of January.

  5. Slippers, slippers and more slippers. Too many to list but a slipper for anyone and everyone.

  6. Kemon coloringreen. This demi color line features only 22 shades along with clear, but it mind-blowing and technologically innovative as heck. April launch.

  7. CND’s new polish line. I have been sworn to secrecy and can only say that it will change your thoughts on polish. We certainly hope so. April launch.

  8. OPI OZ collection. No one makes selling nail polish fun like OPI. Pre-orders are now being accepted at February launch, movie premiers March 8. It’s good to be excited again and while the year is young, let’s hope it’s a good one. Happy Wednesday!


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