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An Eagle Looks at 2009

Wouldn't it be great to be an Eagle? You soar far above everyone else, in full command and pretty much set your own destiny. Plus Eagles make perfect metaphors.

This Eagle is especially looking forward to 2009. First off, 2008 will be done. We will be one year closer to a recovery. And although the first half of 2009 will be brutally painful, it will build character for us to survive into the next decade.

The changes taking place at TNG January 1 are huge. We have our Annual Meeting at the Ritz Carlton taking place Saturday so I can't share anything until after then. But I will share this: in these times, you either up the ante or fold your cards. This Eagle is upping his ante.

As I walk around our offices and through the building, people say they are excited about the meeting. To me, this means they are excited about change and what TNG is going to do to weather the storm. They know the news isn't going to be good and that's OK. It's the future that people are most concerned about. If people can see a positive future, then no matter what the difficulty is today, they can deal with it.

Eagles are on the endangered list. They don't have a choice but to constantly take risks, be exposed to their enemies and soar where others can only wish. But Eagles are not extinct and perhaps never will be. They have a natural knack for survival.

We're putting unprecedented changes into place. If everyone stops buying no matter what, these changes won't matter. However one thing is for sure, if you want 2009 to be better than 2008, standing still is far more dangerous and those that do will be extinct.

Happy Thursday!


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