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Angie Hofelich dream comes true with VanityLab

Angie had a dream. To open her own salon/spa.

Angie is a hairdresser, a common dream for many.

What makes Angie's story so telling is that she opened her salon in one of the most depressed business cities in the U.S. in one of the most economically-troubled times the U.S. has seen.

VanityLab opened without fanfare April 12 in Westlake, OH, a suburb of Cleveland. As a former L'Oreal employee, she loved the New York City vibe and implanted it when she designed VanityLab.

Exposed ceilings with painted ducts. Live DJ music on weekends and busy nights. Sliding wall between massage room so couples can enjoy treatments together. Kemon color bar in the middle of the salon. Cool and hip retail products.

The dream lives because Angie had a vision. Her vision paid off in spades when she received her $200,000 SBA (Small Business Association) loan to finance the project. She endured the grueling process and unlike many others, prevailed.

Three months later, VanityLab is going great and has made Angie proud of her creation. Our industry needs more entrepreneurs like Angie willing to take the ultimate risk and making the vision come to life.

Angie had a dream. And now it's a reality. Congratulations!

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