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Are You Fully Engaged?

According to Gallup, less than 20% of the U.S. workforce is fully engaged. More than half the U.S. workforce is either fully disengaged or somewhat disengaged.

Now if you are thinking what the word "engaged" means in the workplace, think about the poor guy who gets on his knees and asks his girlfriend to marry him. She says "yes" and they are truly engaged. Pure bliss. Love is in the air. Smiles and laughter. The bedroom is used for more than sleeping. Arguments are short-lived. Communication is at its best.

And then the couple ends their engagement and gets married. They both say "I do" and life changes. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, it is safe to say more than half of marriages emulate the workforce: fully disengaged or somewhat disengaged.

Naturally we all love to be fully engaged. So here is my question to you. What characteristics in the workplace do you look for to be fully engaged?

Here are some to think about?

1. Recognition 2. Compensation 3. Enjoy what you do 4. Best friend at work 5. Challenging and rewarding 6. Feel safe 7. Have fun 8. I feel I make a difference 9. I am always learning 10. I feel empowered to make decisions

You might have additional variables to add. But what do you consider your "Top 3"? The results may surprise you!

Happy Tuesday, only two days left to FEAST!


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