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Are You Left Brain or Right Brain?

Left Brainers show up on time. Right Brainers don't wear a watch.

Left Brainers know that 2 + 2 = 4. Right Brainers call a friend when it comes to math.

Left Brainers use measuring spoons and cups when cooking. Right Brainers visualize and toss ingredients in.

Left Brainers have answers to questions within milli-seconds. Right Brainers let you know they will get back to you and yes, you have to remind them.

Left Brainers love sports and scheduled activities. Right Brainers love playing guitar and dancing.

Left Brainers read blogs. Right Brainers write blogs.

Facebook and Twitter give Left Brainers a taste of what it's like to live in a Right Brain world.

Celebrities are mostly Right Brainers. People who follow celebrities are mostly Left Brainers.

Doctors are Left Brainers. Politicians are Right Brainers especially the ones in Detroit.

To find out if you are Left or Right, click the following link:

Are you Left or Right?

Happy Friday!


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