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Be Happy, Eat Pizza at Supino's

Contrary to popular belief, I love pizza. If I was cast onto a deserted island and I only had one choice of food to select from, it would be pizza.

There is no such thing as "bad" pizza. Even frozen pizza is good. However, there is a huge difference between good, great and the best.

I have always searched out the best. At one time, deep dish Chicago pizza from Giordano's was it. But too much cheese and crust and I hate only being able to eat one piece.

New York has fabulous pies but getting to NY when one is hungry is not an option. And either is Italy. Which brings me to the Detroit metro area.

Actually we are very lucky to have great pizza here. Buddy's is always good for semi-thick crust and Tomatoes APIZZA is great for thin crust. But until you've had authentic Italian thin crust made just right with the perfect homemade sauce and mozzarella, you haven't had the best. 

I found the new best and it's a place so secluded, you would wonder why anyone would open in this location. Supino's is owned by Dave and is located in the Eastern Market on Russell St. Dave is committed and the only one making the pies. And after working consecutive 18-hour days, he will be committed in more ways than one.

The place is "eclectic" meaning he bought used tables and chairs and put a coat of paint where it needed it. It's small, cozy and yet to have beer or wine but that's coming I was told.

What Dave brings to the table is the most incredible pie that is so good, you won't be satisfied until every piece is gone. OK, I stopped at two, but that's me (I could have eaten the whole thing).

If you're hungry for pizza after reading this, do yourself a favor this weekend and head to Supino's. And if you have a better place, I need to know about it. And fast!

Happy Tuesday!


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