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Beach Party is a Blast!

Who says you have to be in Florida or LA to have a great beach party? Not the folks at CTS!

Saturday was the annual Beach Party at our World Headquarters. Over 250 tanning salon attendees came to celebrate the start of the 2009 season. They all had high expectations and think consumers will turn to tanning to help reduce stress, anxiety and give them needed time to relax.

The CTS talent were busy all day long making sure the event was perfect. Kory, Kristi, Elisa, Laura, and Suzanne wore their CTS shirts and took care of business.

Rick Mahorn, director of ATI, was on hand conducting the certification segment. CTS has partnered with ATI and will be conducting certification programs throughout the USA first quarter of 2009.

The lovely folks from ETS showed off their new products from Australian Gold, California Tan and Designer Skin. Yet another $100 product looks like to be a best-seller!

The group feasted on Steve's Deli for lunch. It seems that everyone is eating turkey and no one is eating corned beef or roast beef. That's the good news. The bad news is that there wasn't a chocolate chip cookie to be had.

With the demise of the ITA annual show and the fragile state of the indoor tanning industry, it is proof positive once again that leadership does make a difference and regardless how bad things are, rays of sunshine are always out there.

Happy Monday! (And yes, the Lions are 0-10).


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