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Belava Pedicure Heater/Massager Unit

Our biggest issue of The Industry Source magazine is out and it is jammed packed with articles, a special Kemon section, The Academy and S.P.A. course information and so much more.

One of the highlights of this issue is thebeautybook new product section. It is filled with lots of new products and my blog for this week will focus on the best of the best.

The Belava Pedicure Heater/Massager Unit is compact, modern, and the most versatile pedicure system available. I tried it out and found the 3 levels of soothing vibration and 2 levels of heat to work well.

I love the disposable liners than ensure each service is clean and sanitary. The unit also features an automatic shut off and anti-splash feature. You can also use the base unit for a dry massage if you so choose (extra service at the manicure/hair station).

It's affordable and will take portable pedicures to the next level. They are in stock but I'm sure they will fly out the door once word is out.

301222 Belava Pedicure Unit 287.00 ($10.00)

301221 Belava 100-ct Liner Refills 65.00 ($5.00)

Happy first day of the second half of the year!

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