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Biotone Organic Massage Creme

In my continuing exploration of our new products introduced in the July-August issue of The Industry Source magazine, another must-have product is Biotone Organic Massage Creme.

I have been a Biotone fan for years and love their Dual Purpose Massage Creme especially when applied by my favorite therapist, Mandy, at the MGM Immerse Spa in Detroit. The creme goes on smooth and doesn't need to be reapplied frequently.

With so much stuff going green, one would think the spa industry would be totally green. But it's not so easy to make organic products that perform consistently and are as good as the original products.

For instance, I find organic body wash to leave my skin sticky and I have tried plenty. Most shampoos and conditioners don't lather and/or leave my hair dry (although Villa Lodola is an exception).

So when I tried the new Biotone product, I was pleasantly surprised. Like the Dual Purpose, it went on smooth and provided deep hydration. It is hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance-free ( you can always mix a carrier oil if you so desire). And it comes in my favorite 7 oz. refillable container.

I'm not sure the next time I'm going to visit Mandy but one is for sure, I'll make sure MGM puts this on their shopping list.

390487 7 oz. $11.75  390488 Gallon $69.75

Once you get the magazine, let me know what your favorite new products are.

Happy Wednesday, only 2 more days to July 4!


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