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Blogs Rule; Unemployment hits 6.1%

Based on your feedback yesterday, looks like I'm stuck at the keyboard for another few weeks. On topics to write about, one person suggested topics outside the beauty industry. Truth is, I'm doing this to connect to the psyche of those involved in our industry. So I am hoping more salon professionals give feedback.

This morning the government reported a huge increase in people seeking unemployment benefits while stating the unemployment rate moved to 6.1%. The stock market tanked over 300 points and continues its decline today.

More interesting is that the price of crude oil keeps making new lows and is down from $140 a barrel to $105 or 25%. However the price of gas has only decreased about 15%. But wait. I hardly hear people talking about the price of gas since it went below $4 a gallon. Even the auto companies are stating that buyer interest in SUV's and pick-ups have "picked up."

What does anything mean these days? Are we so involved in the moment that when the moment passes we move to another moment and don't care about the previous ones? We do annual surveys for our talent and after 9/11, Terrorism ranked #1. The following year in 2002 it ranked #3. Last year it wasn't even listed as a concern (last year the economy was #1).

I am asking all hairdressers and nail techs: What are your client's talking about these days? OK TNG talent, what's on your mind; after all, it is Open Mic Friday.

Happy Friday and congratulations to Lisa & Howard on their marriage tomorrow!


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