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Bye Bye Kitty Cat!

  1. Shelves of wet and dry food. Who knew that there actually are more varieties of cat food than human food? And these cans of wet food are about the size of a hockey puck and cost more than Star-Kist tuna. What a killing there is in cat food.

  2. Bowls and more bowls. We couldn’t use paper plates and bowls. No, we needed stainless bowls, ceramic bowls, dual bowls, and of course, bowl mats.

  3. Bed. The cat shouldn’t have to sleep on the floor or in the bushes, the Kitty Cat needs her own bed and

  4. Blanket. Enough said.

  5. Brush, comb, sprays and so forth. Oh what the heck, a travel bag too.

  6. YIKES! Why a travel bag? You know, BUB had to take the cat to the VET for shots, checkup and so forth. We can’t have the Kitty Cat walking around with Leukemia! And we found out Kitty Cat was a 10-12 year old male in good health.

  7. And just lately, the teething post. Another large contraption that takes up lots of space.

  8. Should I go on????

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