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Calling All Net Gen'R's!

If you were born between 1975 and 1994, this blog is for you. You are officially part of the Net Generation (also known as the "Y" generation) and now make up the largest generation on earth.

However us Baby Boomers aren't going away so quickly (born between 1946 and 1964). I do feel for the X'ers'. Their generation doesn't even span 20 years and they are in the middle of the abyss.

Baby Boomers had it great growing up. The only electronic thing that we had to play with was the Magic 8 Ball. Otherwise, it was bikes, marbles, firecrackers, mini-bikes, jawbreakers and Gilligan's Island. Entertainment was returning beer bottles from construction sites for a nickel and getting a candy bar. Speed was about how fast we could take our 20" Stingray bike down the hill with the cards flapping in the spokes.

Communication was fun too. Walkie-talkies were so cool. But the real fun was when we were in high school and got our own phone line because our mother's were always on the phone. It was fun using the rotary dial at first, but when the push button phone (Princess model) came out, we could crank out the numbers like nothing else. Of course our parents had to teach how to use the phones and then allow us time to use them. But hey, we were listening to albums and cassettes by the Birds and the Beatles.

The Net Generation is the first generation to grow up in the digital era. They play with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Google like they breathe air. They teach us Boomers how to use technology. We use cell phones to make calls, they use cell phones for everything but to make calls.

We use the Internet to learn, they use the Internet to collaborate. Blogs are written while they listen to i-Tune downloads and perhaps even while playing an online game. The Net Generation loves speed, instant responses, and freedom.

Being in business 25 years this August, we have been dealing with Boomers and X'ers for most of our existence. But now the Y is where the action is. Does the Y love catalogs like their predecessors? I'm not sure.

Boomers love to use the phone to call. Hence our contact center is perfect for them. But what about the Y's? They love to text and learn about products through social networks. If you are part of the Y, which social network do you like most? Companies are doing Facebook and Twitter. Are these fads or trends? Or is there something else out there?

We all must stay relevant or doom is assured. The Net Generation will sway where we are headed.

Happy Wednesday!


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