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Cash For Clunkers

Dear President Obama,

Your cash for clunkers program proved once again that the government can boost sales by giving money away that taxpayers worked hard to give you.

In fact, the public took advantage of $2 Billion in record time. At $4,500 per vehicle, that works out to 450,000 cars sold and will mark the first time in more than 16 months that the auto industry sold over 1 million vehicles.

The state of Michigan and the auto companies (especially Toyota and Honda) thank you very much.

Now that you have supported the auto industry along with the housing, financial and virtually every other industry, I am asking for your help for the beauty industry.

Just as your goal was to save energy getting rid of all those clunkers while boosting sales, the same can be had for thousands of dryers, flat irons, clippers and trimmers that are still being used. The dryers and flat irons are highly inefficient users of electricity and the battery life of clippers and trimmers is a third of the newer models. The savings in energy usage alone will pay for the program.

I recommend a $50 subsidy for the following items: Babyliss TT Tourmaline 5000 dryer; Hot Tools Ceramic Straightening Iron; and Elchim 2001 dryer.

I recommend a $25 subsidy for the following items: Oster Freestyle Clipper; Andis T-Edjer II Cordless Trimmer; and Wahl Cordless Peanut Clipper.

Or we can just give carte blanche to the entire category and offer us subsidies for all items. In total, I am requesting $25 million in total for the program.

This will create jobs, reduce energy consumption and we will donate the clunkers to China so they can take them apart and produce better models.

Please respond back to me President no later than Friday, August 28.

Larry Gaynor

Happy Wednesday!


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