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Christmas is Only a Week Away

As we expect 6-10" of snow tomorrow morning, and the thoughts of dealing with salt, shovels, and stress, once all settled, it will make for a very white Christmas (something that Florida will never have although it did snow 4" in Vegas).

This year of all years, the Christmas holiday period doesn't feel the same. At TNG, we are busier than ever dealing with SAP issues, getting ready for all the changes in 2009 and making sure customers get their orders on time. There hasn't been any down time to recover to think about eggnog, gifts and caroling.

With Chrysler shutting down all their plants for a month, uncertainly is gaining momentum. We still don't know what Bush is going to do with auto aid. Johnson & Johnson is rumored to be coming out with a new signature line of band-aids but they aren't sure if they will stick around.

But when all is said and done, Christmas comes but once a year and people will celebrate. Here is my question: Do you like Christmas Eve or Christmas Day best? And why?

One thing is for certain: we all need a break. Let's enjoy the break, decompress, and get ready for 2009. For the next 13 days left in 2008, let's try to bring some semblance of normalcy; enjoy the white snow, make a snowman and sing some songs.

Happy Thursday!

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