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CND Launches Vinylux. Game changer?

  1. Lasts up to one week without chipping

  2. No base coat needed; It’s included in the formula.

  3. Patent-pending topcoat is air-cured, no UV or LED light needed. And according to those who know, the curing process is such that it makes the nail lacquer stronger over time, hence the one week durability. Other attributes that you want to know:

  4. The first wave will feature nearly 60 shades. Half of those match to the top 30 Shellac colors. Mani with Shellac, pedi with Vinylux.

  5. Five new fall shades will premier after the initial launch.

  6. Summer shades ship immediately.

  7. Price point is $4.95 per bottle

  8. You must use Vinylux top coat to make the system work; $4.95 per bottle.

  9. Jan Arnold will be all over the media featuring Vinylux just as she was all over the media when Shellac hit. Consumer awareness will be huge. Already the May issue of Elle features Jan and Vinylux.

  10. Vinylux removes with polish remover, no soaking required.

  11. You can use Vinylux to fill with Shellac manicures.

  12. To get all the colors, buy the wall rack for $299 and get the wall rack and a few other goodies included.

  13. To get the top 30 colors and one for retail, buy the spinner rack for $299. But hurry, both are available in very limited quantities and The Industry Source is one of the few distributors you can buy these from. Below is some of the fun stuff. To order and see more, visit


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