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CND To Launch New Secret Technology

I wish we were an Apple store. We could sell tons of Mac's, i-Pods, i-Phones and soon, their new book reader that will make the Kindle seem like a VHS player.

People love new technology and when it solves a problem, they buy it. Apple didn't invent any of the categories it dominates, it just designed its products better.

As I meet today with CND to take a sneak peak at their new secret technology, I'm hoping they took the Apple approach.

We saw what happened with matte. One company introduced it and now everyone has matte. We saw what happened with Soak Off gels. One company introduced it and now everyone has Soak Off gels. But no one as of yet has taken design into the equation.

That's why I'm so excited about this new product launch. CND needs a home run. Their Colour and Effects launch has been OK, but they need nail techs to get excited about their core category. I'm hoping this is it. Stay tuned.

Happy Thursday!


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