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Consumers 96, Obama 4

Just what we needed to hear this morning. In a new Fox News survey, people were asked if they thought Obama can cure the economy. The overwhelming results were 96% NO.

My how things have changed since Inauguration Day.

The other day I was talking to a business friend and I asked him that if I bought his business today, how long would it take me to learn it so I could make decisions to make it better? He told me months at the earliest and perhaps as long as a year.

Good answer.

But here comes Obama with absolutely no knowledge of the White House, foreign affairs, and most importantly, how businesses make money. Without taking time out to learn about the intricacies, he has made wild and naive decisions that have cost taxpayers trillions and at the same time, have left taxpayers wondering what is going on.

Tell me, is $13 in tax credits per week going to pay the bills? Oh, that is for 2009, it will be $7 in 2010. While 8 million or so homeowners "underwater" might get relief if their mortgage company will answer the phone, millions others are stuck. And now Obama wants to reform health care and spend trillions more.

Now wonder it's 96-4.

TNG has been in business nearly 25 years and we have never seen anything like this before. But Obama isn't giving us a penny. We have to fight local cities to get a few percentage points off our property taxes. And Granholm isn't giving us anything either.

No, our Leadership Team has to dig in and make tough choices. We still have to deliver 100% customer success. We have to make it through this period on our own. Our dedicated team is making it happen.

And so do our customers. It's never easy owning your own business and like all other businesses, the salon business is tough too. Salon owners aren't getting a bailout or tax cut. Obama isn't sending free coupons for haircuts. Salon owners have to be creative, innovative and do what we are doing to make it through. And I love seeing what they are doing and it makes us proud to be in this industry right now.

For the U.S. economy to turn around, it will take business to do it, not government. We must reward winners and not losers. We must reward risk and not cowardice. But Obama wants to raise our taxes 15% next year, raise the capital gains tax by 33% and eliminate many deductions. In effect, why take the risk to begin with?

Now wonder it's 96-4.

We must be the best at what we do and continue to be optimistic and know that we are going to get through this. GM's auditors stated that GM is not likely to be a going concern and bankruptcy is around the corner. MGM might have to sell its Detroit casino because it owes $13.8 Billion. Everything is upside down. But we must focus on ourselves and do what we can to take a step in the right direction.

With a score of 96-4, we have no choice.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. If you think you have it bad, visit a hospital, hospice, third world country and be thankful your not there.


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