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Cosmoprof North America 2008 Thoughts

Once again Mandalay Bay was the official host of Cosmoprof North America. And once again, Starbucks and Red, White & Blue were the busiest places to wait in line and be seen.

I was waiting for the doors to open on Sunday (the first day) and was amazed to see such few people. There were quite a few international guests and I spoke to a couple from Austria who were happy to be in Las Vegas to see what the show had to offer.

Once inside, the show floor was virtually the same as last year in size. Very professional and very well done, the mix of "Pavilions" A-D were well situated and appealed to the focus of the buyer.

As I walked around with my son, Daniel, the search was on for new and innovative products. Here are my findings:

1. Ceripil vegetable-based hard wax beads. 2. Graham "tablets" that when activated with water turn into a 9" x 10" non-woven towel. 3. A roller that actually consists of tiny needles that penetrates the skin so a special fluid can penetrate. Great for hair growth and skin treatments. 4. T3 new lower priced lines and their specialty hair products. 5. CND has a new line coming out in November and it was so secretive, they wouldn't even share it with me. I do know it is only 5 items. 6. Oreck air purifier that actually works.

It was nice bumping into people and spending some time together. Tony Cuccio from Star Nail was in rare form having fun under his Costco tent; Vince Davis from TIGI was excited about their new RockAholic line of goods coming out late Fall; Jan Arnold from CND was passionate about education; George Schaeffer from OPI released a basket of new products but had the most fun with his "spin the wheel" concept (I had fun spinning the wheel and won the top prize!); Art August of Helen of Troy was trumpeting his new WIGO line of dryers.

Overall, this 3-day show is no more than a 2-day show and with attendance continuing to slide, it would be nice if the industry could consolidate all the shows and make 2-3 a year that really count. Now there is an innovative idea.

Happy Thursday!


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