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Cosmoprof Rumblings

  1. Emillani sold out to L’Oreal. They have virtually every brand under the sun.

  2. Max & Essie will there as invisible spirits wishing the Essie booth great success while smiling at their beach house they no longer have to be in Vegas for the blasted show.

  3. Scott Hagstrom will take over Art’s spot when Art finally retires from Helen of Troy at the age of 93. Scott will only be 67 and have a good 25 years ahead of him.

  4. Al Sporn is retiring to Hawaii and letting his kids run the business.

  5. Marc Spilo will be introducing his hot new product, the blue buffing block.

  6. TIGI will announce it has partnered with Binney & Smith, makers of Crayola crayons and they will introduce a line in each of 64 different colors.

  7. John Barth will announce he is moving to Harbor Springs once and for all.

  8. Alfaparf decided going direct wasn’t the right thing to do and will once again open distribution.

  9. Keratin Complex drops the “Copolla” name and starts fresh with a new lineup and strategy.

  10. DS Labs provides before and after photos of Tony Cuccio proving its hair growth formula works.

  11. The line at Starbuck’s outside the conference center will still be an hour long all day long.

  12. Moroccanoil will be the place to hit for lunch each day, just have one of those VIP cards. Kosher too!

  13. George will hand out dividend checks to his top 25 distributors.

  14. Gary Winterhalter, CEO & President, will wear a baseball cap on the floor celebrating SBH’s recent stock surge.

  15. Bill Halfacre and I will play heads-up in the poker room to have the first OPI Gel Color collection. How can I lose? Happy Tuesday!


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