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Cosmoprof U.S.A. Vegas 2008

I'm heading off to Cosmoprof tomorrow for the annual beauty show for professional beauty distributors.

Way back in the 1980's, the show was called the BBSI (Barber & Beauty Supply Institute). Industry icons and pioneers took massive booth space, showed off their innovative products and then held impressive parties at night for their customers.

I remember both Jan and Jim (owners of Creative Nail at the time) held incredible parties with theme decorations, unlimited food and drink, and even a few awards. George of OPI fame spared no expense either and although I missed out on most of them, they were so cool you wanted to peek in the door to see the action.

The show itself was huge with hundreds of booths. The owners were doing their thing. I remember Jack Sperling (Alpha 9), Ben Edwards (Design Classic), Sunny Stitchcombe (Gena), Lynn Rae Reis (S.F. Nails), Katia (Kami), Michael Falley (Realy's and we really miss him), Geoff Giles (Flowery), Dal (Tweezerman-will he be President of the U.S. one day?), Dottie Reiner (Kayline), Marlene Sortino (Snails) and so many more. They were handing out jewelry, gifts but mostly, excited about showing off their products.

The bi-annual show moved to an annual show and over the years, the owners sold out, moved on and it eventually was bought by SoGeCos, an Italian outfit known for holding the best show in the world each year: Cosmoprof Bologna.

This year I have a couple of meetings but the excitement of the show is long gone. Many distributors have sold out and moved on too. Retailers are ever present and the blur between professional and retail goods keeps diminishing. The parties are long gone and so if the jewelry and gifts. In fact, you have to pay for tickets just to get in!

I'm hoping to find a couple of innovative products to share with you. My eyes will be wide open and I will report back to you on Wednesday with my findings.

If there are any products you can think of that you want to see, let me know and perhaps I can find them for you. Happy Friday!


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