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Customer Engagement 101

According to Gallup, Customer Engagement is the combination of loyal attitude and emotional attachment. It is the most important measurement for determining whether the business will succeed with both its internal and external customers.

Now quick, what brands and/or companies could you not live without?

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I splashed some logos that I thought you might have chosen (I certainly hope you chose our logo!).

What brands and/or companies did you select?

As a Gallup client, we know the importance of customer engagement; so much in fact that we  "engage" Gallup and pay for their annual CE11 assessment.

The CE11 assessment is 11 questions that matter. Over the next 3 days, I will review the questions and I want you to interject them into your own business or experience. You can share them with others. The bottom line is that during difficult times (and even good times), engagement is especially good for your business. And if you are happy, we are happy.

Here are the first set of questions:

1. (your business) is a name I can always trust.

2. (your business) always delivers on what they promise.

3. (your business) always treats me fairly.

4. If a problem arises, I can always count on (your business) to reach a fair and satisfactory resolution.

I would love your feedback on these questions. Friday and Monday I will review the other questions and then share with you our CE11 results as a company.

Happy Thursday!

Someone tossed out a question that was very interesting indeed: "What was the last new thing that you did in your life that you never did before?" The reason for the question was simple enough: We are

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