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Customer Engagement 201

Is today really August 8? Is today really Friday? Wasn't it just Monday? Didn't we just get done celebrating the Fourth of July? Is back-to-school less than 3 weeks away--the true beginning of the end of summer? It's going by way too fast.

This weekend my son is coming in for a pre-wedding celebration. Michael gets married Labor Day weekend and what once seemed so far away is right around the corner. The question I ask myself now is when should I buy the crib?

OK, enough transgression and back to the subject at hand--and one of my favorites at that.

Yesterday I wrote about the first four questions of Customer Engagement according to Gallup. Today, I am going to lead with the next four so here you go:

1. I feel proud to be a customer of (company name).

2. (Company name) always treats me with respect.

3. (Company name) is the perfect provider of services for people like me.

4. I can't imagine a world without (company name).

When I read the questions for the first time, it was question #4 that really got me thinking. I thought about companies and products that if they were no longer around, what would I do?

Of all the things I love to do, I would say the one thing that I would miss the most would be my iPod because it makes running so much more enjoyable. So for me, I couldn't image a world without Apple (I even bought the new iPhone; I will never have a Blackberry).

Last year, Gallup surveyed 800 of our customers and we came in their 99th percentile for that question. And Gallup has some heavy hitters as clients. That was an awesome testimony to our commitment to our customers.

Take these four questions and the four from yesterday and try them out. Monday I will finish with the final 3. You have nothing to lose and engagement to gain. It's so much fun.

Happy Friday!

P.S. August 18 is only 10 days away.


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