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CVS/Pharmacy or Walgreen's?

Why does it seem every industry has two main competitors and one weaker third? Coke-Pepsi. McDonald's-Burger King. Nabisco-Keebler. Bryer's-Eddy's. Kroger-Safeway. CVS/Pharmacy-Walgreen's.

When it comes to drug stores, which store do you frequent most and why? Here are some variables you can select from:

Location Price Service Decor Sunday advertisements Selection Image Products I want Website Downloadable coupons Loyalty program

Last Friday night we went to the local market to buy lunch for Saturday. Ice cream sounded good so we bought a tub of Eddy's light (amazing how they downsized it by 25% but kept the price the same) for $5.99. I knew it was expensive but we were there.

Sunday I saw Target advertise the same ice cream 3/$7 and Walgreen's 2/$5. Does price or convenience matter to you on a Friday night?

Happy Monday!


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