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DeBartolo Brothers Lead Kemon Technical Team

It's official: The DeBartolo Brothers have signed up to lead the Kemon Artistic Team (KAT). Both Robert and Sylvester are excited, motivated and ready to take the Kemon message to hairdressers in the USA.

This is truly significant. Sports stars leave their team and join a new team for a reason. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's the coach but usually it's because they want to join a winning team and help take the team to the championship. Shaq left Phoenix to join LeBron James and the Cavaliers for that very reason.

Prior to joining Kemon, most recently Robert and Sylvester worked with ARTec and L'Oreal. Their expertise helped L'Oreal launch new products, drive education and lure big salons. But in the end, something was amiss. They were ready for a new team, a team they could take to the championship.

The DeBartolo Brothers Kemon premier will take place Monday, July 20 at the Kemon Academy. This exciting event will feature the much anticipated launch of Hair Manya, Kemon's fun and innovative styling line. Both Robert and Sylvester came up with a custom cocktail menu using Hair Manya products which will become part of the Hair Manya cocktail bar.

They will also represent Kemon at the annual Intercoiffure event in September and then head up Kemon Nights featuring Tiffany later in the month.

This is going to be fun working with Robert and Sylvester. They have this kinetic energy about them that when prodded with what they feel is right, exudes an amazing aura of pride and passion. This is exactly what the industry needs now. Stay tuned.

Happy Monday!

OMG! I am very excited to announce that my manuscript has completed the line-edit stage in record time, more than six weeks ahead of schedule. The reason why you might ask? The editor loved the manusc

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