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Does Afghanistan Matter?

Detroit's unemployment rate is over 30%. Michigan's is over 15%. We have our own issues.

The stock market after taking a pause is soaring once again. Australia actually has raised its key interest rate three times in the past three months. Signs are pointing positively for a second half 2010 recovery.

Afghanistan remains in war state after 8 years with no end in sight.

Michigan, Australia  and Afghanistan. One state in disarray, one country recovering, and one country under siege. Yet somehow all three are connected.

Why? Globalization. Obama is going to speak tonight and convince America to add 35,000-40,000 troops to the effort in Afghanistan. He will point out that we cannot be defeated and in doing so, would be a victory for terrorism and Al-Queda.

Of course, this isn't what Obama stated before becoming President. And most likely, Obama won't tell us how we are going to pay for this. The printing presses are already running 24/7 and the dollar continues to plummet in value to other world currencies while gold and silver make new highs.

Therein lies the answer to Afghanistan. It's about politics, stock markets, currency markets and commodities markets. For most of us, the entire thing is way over our head. Truthfully, it's always been that way.

No doubt the American people want Afghanistan over with and want it over with quickly and successfully. But if we can't get Detroit and Michigan on the road to recovery after 8 years, how fast will our efforts in Afghanistan be?

We have no choice but to move forward. But one day it would be nice if the Obama administration would think about job creation and getting people back to "normal". We can certainly use a bit of it in the Motor City.

Happy Tuesday!

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