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Don't Read The News or Freep Today

Question: With Michigan's population below 10 million and with over 100,000 residents leaving the state each year, how many more residents would leave if they could sell their home?

Question: How many years will it take Michigan to recover 1 million lost jobs over the past decade?

Question: How bad will commercial real estate be in 2010?

Question: With Cox's handling of the "what party?" incident, what chances does he have for governor?

Question: If you shop at Walmart for everything, how much will the average family save in one year?

Question: How many people in the world live in poverty (earn less than $2 a day)?

OK, I'm going out on a limb and get Lou Dobbs on the phone to answer the last question.

"Lou, what happened yesterday? After 30 years with CNN, why such an abrupt resignation?" Lou: "I'm ready to pursue new opportunities."

OK, Lou didn't have the answer. The answer is 5 billion. The world population is about 7 billion. About three-quarters of the world lives in poverty.

As both the News and Freep pointed out today, we have serious issues. At least Michigan's population isn't living on $2/day but if it did, I'm sure Walmart would be saving us money.

Point is, we have to do something about this. And we have to do it now. And what we can do?

Things that don't cost a dime. Smile. Say thanks. Say hello. Smile. Laugh. Volunteer. Smile. Engage yourself in whatever you do. Be part of a team. Smile.

It's not easy and it's not going to get easier. But it's time the News and the Freep tell us something good; we already know the bad.

Happy Thursday!

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