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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Bobby McFerrin back in September 1998 made his song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and expression famous. Bob Marley did his take on it and it became a hit.

I was having lunch yesterday when I bumped into a friend that I haven't spoken to in about a month. She was smiling as always, looked happy and after the ceremonious hellos and hugs, she said to me, "Larry, I read your blogs every day and lately, they aren't happy like you normally are."

I paused, thought a moment about my previous posts and sure enough, news about the implosion of the Big 3, unemployment and the state of affairs overall was nothing to be happy about. I assured her that my post today would be happy.

The first thing I thought about was the song. My mind immediately then went to Jimmy Buffet and yes, I could be a true Parrothead but I can't remember lyrics to save my life. In fact, while I was running on the treadmill at 6AM, I was watching and listening to his Live at Anguilla CD.

McFerrin, Marley and Buffet all have (or had) one thing in common: be happy and enjoy life. For me, I am a fan of island life. Walking on the beach, doing nothing and looking at turquoise blue water, ice cold Perrier (Piña Colada's in another lifetime), bathing suits and flip-flops. Everything is a lot slower, the days last longer and people around you are relaxed and feeling good.

As I look out my office window today, I see snow, ice, gray skies and a frigid wind blowing the flags. It certainly is not island life in Michigan!

But my friend's advice is good and one that I preach: life is short and we have to enjoy each and every day. In the scheme of things, there are always people worse off and better off than you. Be happy that you are better off than most.

So thanks for the advice and with that said, I'm going to i-Tunes to play a little more Jimmy, the next best thing to being in the islands.

Happy Wednesday!


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