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Eat Paczki's-Be Happy

Detroit might be falling off the face of the map but at least we have a few things going for us. One of those things is Paczki's (pronounced POONCH-key).

These hot and delicious jelly-filled doughnuts are made in Hamtramck, a community near downtown. Today is the official Paczki Day in which bakery's make zillions of them and people line up outside (it is 8 degrees) to wait to buy them by the dozen.

These fat-laden bombs come in typical jelly flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and blueberry. They also come in vanilla and chocolate custard. But don't worry about calories; the average Paczki is only 480 calories and 30+ grams of fat. No wonder people eat 2-3 of them! But hey, Lent is around the corner.

We're happy when we splurge especially when it comes to eating. Although I have purchased Paczki's, I have never indulged.

Our CFO splurges on chocolate chip cookies. I swear that he can eat a dozen giant cookies in the manner of a couple hours. And he wants more!

Do Paczki's sound good to you? When you do splurge, what is it? Years ago, one of my splurges was every Friday, I would go to McDonald's a get two cheeseburgers and fries. Yummy!

So if we can't be happy because of the economy, stock market or weather, at least we can be happy eating. Now who has the Pepto?

Happy Tuesday!


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