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Enormous Lash Continues Upward Momentum

When a product performs, watch out. Such is the case with Enormous Lash, a miracle product that grows eyelashes.

Like many products, it wasn't first to market. Instead, it developed a technology that still remains the best in class and even with the introduction of a competitive prescription formula at a higher price point, Enormous Lash continues upward momentum.

At $95 it's not inexpensive. But it's one of those products that delivers results that women are looking for. Even in challenging times like these, the value outweighs the cost.

Later this month the company will unveil three new products, one being Brow Doctor. Now if I was a woman, I would be all over this product. I barely have any brows and you have no idea how important brows are until you notice that you don't have them. This product is destined to be a hit.

What's so cool about Enormous Lash is that regardless of the economic climate, if you deliver a product that people want, they will buy it. What a novel idea.

Happy Tuesday!

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