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Essie Loves Diamonds

It's a well known fact that diamonds are a girls best friend. But then again, so are shoes, handbags, cosmetics, dresses, accessories and restaurant reservations.

Diamonds last forever. That is perhaps one of the greatest marketing lines ever invented. DeBeers came up with that one years ago; they are the clearing house for all diamonds sold and are responsible for keeping the price points high.

Sapphires and emeralds aren't too bad either. Although a bit lower priced, they have that lure that brings attention day after day. One never gets tired of looking at brilliant gems.

With this in mind, Essie herself a connoisseur of fine diamonds, an idea hatched. Why not put a diamond, sapphire and emerald in a bottle of polish and name the collection Essie Loves Diamonds?

Essie partnered with designer Judith Ripka and with no budget spared, came up with a special 1-ct diamond, sapphire and emerald gem. The collection has 3 colors and each color will have one lucky bottle in it containing the gem, up to a $5000 value. At $15 a pop, it ain't cheap but the marketing folks at Essie are tossing in a signature crystal file, a $14 value, for free (Max is a big shooter).

The collection officially launches August 1 but you can buy now at and

If you are a lucky winner, you have to let me know so I can feature you in my blog and in our magazine. Good luck to all.

Happy Thursday!


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