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Essie Reaches Celebrity Status

When I'm 60 years old, I want to be on the cover of Business Week or Forbes. Now wouldn't that something. I was on the cover of dBusiness last summer and that was pretty cool. But us business guys with the exception of a few like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jack Welch rarely reach celebrity status.

On the other hand, if you can sell a bottle of nail polish for $8 with your name on it for nearly 40 years as Essie has done, you can reach celebrity status. Essie's bottles continue to be flogged in major magazines because:

A. Essie has told beauty editors that nail polish is a fashion statement B. Essie invites fashion editors to luncheons, dinners and gives them lots of free Essie polish C. Essie loves doing everything herself, making her brand unique among others D. Essie's lifestyle of the "apartment" in Manhattan, the "beach house" in the Hampton's and the getaways to the Peninsula in Beverly Hills and Le Toiny in St. Bart's enlists her in the minimum requirement book to be a celebrity

I'm almost certain that if her partner for the past 24 years would buy her a jet, then for sure Essie would make the cover of a magazine. But for turning 60, Essie isn't doing too bad. MORE magazine has her featured on page 41 of the current issue. After reading it, I'm getting my skis waxed and shopping for the latest in snowmobile gear (all matching of course).

Last I heard, a Vespa is not a Gulfstream, but how much celebrity status does one really want?

Pick up a copy today and share it in the salon. You might even sell a bottle or two of Essie polish!

Happy Tuesday!


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