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Everyday Should Be Halloween

Next Friday is the magic day, October 31. I remember this day as a kid quite well. It was the only day of the year I could gather as much candy as I could and eat it too. Of course my mother would steal the Mounds and Almond Joy's but I learned to stash those before I emptied the bag on the living room carpet.

Adults love Halloween more than kids these days. The phenomenon picked up more than ten years ago and is still going strong. Witness the Halloween stores that pop up in vacant stores. These giant caverns are filled with everything and everything expensive. We spend big bucks on Halloween.

Naturally TNG is celebrating too. Many dress up and departments do pot luck lunches (there are some scary things in those crock pots!). Candy, prizes and other fun stuff are passed out throughout the day.

The question is why do we love Halloween so much as adults? If we have kids, we love to relive those days (and steal their candy like our parents did). But even without kids, I think it's another holiday in which we can forget our troubles, stress levels and focus on having fun and being silly. After all, are you going to get silly at Christmas or Mother's Day?

And isn't silly a silly word? It's like ridiculous. Surely ridiculous is a ridiculous word. We use the word ridiculous much more than silly and with all the events going on today, is anything really silly?

Halloween is the the official day to be silly and have fun. The day after, even though there is plenty of candy left over, it is not the same. The silliness is gone, the makeup and masks are stored and the stress of worrying is back. Here is what I think: Buy an extra bag of Mounds and Almond Joy. Have one a day until the bags empty out. Be a little silly  because you don't need Halloween to have some fun.

Happy Tuesday!


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