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Everything Is New In 2011

  1. Laptops

  2. Printed books, CD, DVD’s, computer programs

  3. Ammonia-based hair color

  4. Cables for connecting anything to anything

  5. Land phones

  6. Fax machines

  7. Menus

  8. Catalogs

  9. What else? Sure, people thought network TV would disappear due to cable. That hasn’t happened. And although Sirius/XM is a game changer, AM/FM radio is as popular as ever. But make no mistake, we will see advances in health care, technology and the way we do business in this decade that will be historic to previous ones. As expressed earlier, I am most excited about:

  10. Kemon NaYo: This is the game changer that will move all hair color in this decade to ammonia-free. Being launched this month, demand has been incredible.

  11. Shellac: CND has created a new category that others are rushing into. Best of all: Women are paying $40 and up for a manicure and are driving salon business up. There is plenty of room for growth in this category.

  12. Customization: Ginger Lily Farms is more than a brand of wet goods; it’s about customization and giving consumers their choice of goods. There are more than 150,000 apps for the iPhone with more on the way each day. People will continue to love custom.

  13. black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment: The buzz is buzzing.

  14. Moroccanoil: They have mastered the art of line extensions and continue to build an amazing brand. They are the Apple of argon oil, competitor’s can’t touch them.

  15. Our industry: Luckily, we don’t sell widgets like the ones I listed above. No matter how much global companies gobble up distributors, manufacturer’s and the supply chain, people still will need their hair cut and nails done. The best part is that hairdressers, manicurists and spa therapists are independent and will continue to enrich the lives of millions. I look forward to an optimistic 2011, better decade and bringing the personal back to the personal care business. Happy Wednesday!


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