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Favorite Energy Drink

Detroit might not have won the Cup Friday night but we did get the Red Bull Air Races. Red Bull has made so much money that they can sponsor air races and just about anything else they want to.

The Red Bull story is fascinating. You can read it online. Against all odds, this one ex-business guy learned about an energy drink from Japan and for three years tried to get approved from the Austrian government to sell it. It tasted awful, was eight times more expensive than Coke and had no previous market to sell into. The one thing it had on its side: energy boosting power and an alternative to other products.

The billionaire will never spend all his money regardless how many cans he consumes. But fame in this business like many others can be fleeting. Red Bull has lost market share for the past few years to upstarts such as Monster and the red hot 5 Hour Energy. Coke, Pepsi and others all have their own brands.

I know some people that consume several of these a day. Monster alone has more than 12 teaspoons of sugar. At least 5 Hour Energy is sugar-free.

What is your favorite energy drink? And why? And what is going to be the next hot drink category?

Happy Tuesday!


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