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Favorite Snack Items

I'm glad I was a kid when I was a kid. I could eat any snack item guilt free since there was no labeling information way back then.

Hostess cherry and apple pies were among my favorites. The corner bites were the best. Little did I know that each pie was 480 calories, contained more than an ounce of sugar and had 55% of daily saturated fat. Heck, that was my dessert for lunch!

Kit Kat's were also one of my favorites. One was never enough. Once we had a Kit Kat party and ate a dozen. We were done with Kit Kat's for a while after that. Calories and fat content? Too scary to write about.

Salty snacks. Yum. Crunchy potato chips. Yum. So what if they are 10gm of fat per ounce. Back in the day, no one knew what an ounce of chips was. We only knew the size of the bags-small, medium or large. The One-Pounder's barely lasted two days.

Snacks in a vending machine are also fun to eat. It's sort of like a secret place to shop, sneak a snack and then feel guilty while eating it. My favorite vending snack was Marshmallow Pies.

OK, enough of me. What about you? I'm looking for your favorite gum, candy bar, salty snack, and bar (energy or protein). Thanks for sharing.

Happy Tuesday!


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