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Fior Fiore Pizza in Rome is Still The Best

During our Kemon visit, Daniel and I took a side trip to Rome for a couple of days via the train. The moment we got off the train and exited the train station, we got into a taxi and headed straight to Fior Fiore.

I first went to this pizza place 10 or so years ago: Max and Essie introduced us to the best pizza in the world. The secrets are many, but unlike traditional pizza that is round, Fior Fiore makes their pizza in sheets and then you order by how many inches you want. Then they slice it off and hand it to you. It is best folded over and when you bite into it, it's nirvana.

Fior Fiore Pizza in Rome by you.

So the excitement level was intense when the taxi dropped us off. Since then, the place doubled in size and I wasn't sure it was even the right place. But sure enough it was and we went to the counter to order our slices.

We got the traditional Margarita and also one with only tomato sauce; one with zucchini and one with mushrooms. They were all devoured in minutes. Best of all, they were just as good as 10 years ago, and perhaps better.

Never enough pizza by you.

The place has been around since 1975. All I can say is that it's worth getting on a plane to Rome to eat their pizza. In fact, Delta starts June 24 non-stop from Detroit.

Now I'm getting hungry for more!

Happy Tuesday!


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