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Fire Marinelli, Millen Today

If you thought you read that headline last Monday, you are spot on. And if you think you will be reading this headline next Monday, you are spot on.

Words cannot describe the Detroit Lions, so I will only write headlines and be done. Proof positive that you have all the words anyone needs to read or hear.

Today we are having fun in both TheAcademy and S.P.A. at the Pavilion. TheAcademy is hosting our third segment of Gallup for Salons and today's focus is on customer engagement. We have done a ton of business courses in the past but nothing has been as "sticky" as these Gallup courses. Salon owners and managers are getting it and in a few short months, we have seen a huge change in the way they look at business, employees and customers-all for the best!

S.P.A. is holding yet another sold-out course featuring lash and brow tinting. September marks our one year anniversary of The Pavilion and S.P.A. and I am  amazed at how many people have come to take advantage of our course curriculum.

I was one of the 40,000+ true fans sitting in Spartan Stadium Saturday watching our team "slip" by Florida Atlantic. Non-stop pouring rain all day long but when you watched the football players they were on the field like the sun was shining. Which brings me to the quick point about today's blog.

Fully engaged individuals and teams loaded with pride and passion are true professional's whether on the field, behind the chair, or behind the desk. They pursue the game with vigor, play to win, and set out to get the job done no matter what the conditions. So it's raining-big deal? So you have to work 7 days a week for a few weeks-big deal? Winners push and push hard. More important--they fully enjoy their spoils after victory.

One of my favorite expressions is "Give a fish to someone and they can eat for a day. Teach someone how to fish and they will eat forever." The easy way isn't the winning way. Ask William Clay Ford why his team hasn't won since I have been born.

Today is about winners. The 100 plus salon professionals who came to TNG today are winners. We love winners and those that want to win everyday, no matter what the conditions are. Are you a winner?

Happy Monday!


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