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For Pro Harmony Ultrasonic Diffuser Delivers Pleasing Results

Back in the day, my first experience with aromatic diffusers was cones of incense. What an experience to walk into a “head shop” and there would be boxes of cone incense in as many as 100 fragrances. Along with the cones were the sticks but the cones were best since they burned longer. The problem with incense was that the end result was a mess and it was highly flammable while burning.

In the late 1990’s, the first decent aroma diffusers were introduced, these used a filter and a fan technique. The success of these were immediate but the issue was that the filter needed constant replacing and the fan burned out.

Natural diffusers were also introduced and still available. These are made of ceramic and use a tea light to heat essential oil. While good for supervised home use, they are not practical for commercial use.

The For Pro Harmony Ultrasonic Diffuser (#308342) is the latest innovation for diffusing essential oils. Ultrasonic technology cold diffuses  essential aromatherapy oils. The fine micro-particles go into the air as a mist without heat to protect the aroma solution. The great thing about this product is that it can be used without essential oils. It will purify air, generating negative ions to remove pollutants, bacteria, fine dust, smoke and viruses. It also helps to relieve depression, stress, fatigue and allow for better sleep.

Another great thing about the Harmony is its ease of use. It comes with a refill cup and UL approved AC adapter. To use, simply remove the oval cap and you will see the fill well with a defined line to fill with water. Filtered water is best such as distilled as this will prevent clogging over long periods of use. Use the refill cup to fill to the line. Next add a few drops of essential oil. The brand I prefer is NOW. All NOW oils are 100% pure, natural and paraben-free. And you can’t beat the price. Since the oils are concentrated, more is not better so experiment. After filling replace the oval dome.

Next attach the 12V adapter plug to the base and plug in. You can adjust the setting to low, medium or high output, I like the high output to get going and then switching to low output once the room has the perfect scent. There are seven LED light combinations available (blue, light blue, dark blue, green, dark green, purple, and red). You can set the Harmony to cycle through all colors or press the button to hold the color of your choice.

The unit holds 150ml or 5 oz. of water and depending on the output you select will run for up to four hours without a refill. It features an auto-shutoff once the water runs out so no worry about burning out the unit when you are not around.

The unit is 100% quiet so you can use it in virtually any room and in any setting. And depending on the time of day, you can change the essential oils to reflect the mood you are trying to achieve.

Overall, excellent machine and best value for any ultrasonic diffuser. For high capacity options with a more bells and whistles, check out the For Pro Serenity Ultrasonic Diffuser (#308341).


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