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Forever Natural Premiers First Polytech Product

About 25 years ago, Solar Nail was launched as the first acrylic with a story that made manicurists excited with glee. Solar Nail changed the nail industry overnight as thousands of manicurists took classes to learn how to do sculptured nails. It's was made Creative Nail famous.

Fast forward 25 years, and something as exciting as Solar Nail is coming to the nail industry. Forever Natural is the first polytech to launch and already excitement from manicurists is incredible that have learned about it.

Polytech is a new technology much like acrylics, gels, wraps and soak-offs preceding it were. What makes polytech so exciting is that it is so simple to use and the results are spectacular.

Polytech is applied like nail polish and cures in a 36W UV lamp for 90 seconds. One coat is all it takes. No chipping, no peeling, no nothing, just a beautiful finish that lasts and lasts. It actually allows women to grow their own nails. And the look of it is so dynamic, many women will opt to wear it natural (the basis of the name for Forever Natural).

But polytech has a second benefit and that's for women that wear polish. Polytech acts as a superior bonding agent, far superior than the nail plate itself. So when polish is applied using the typical base coat, polish, top coat method, the polish stays on 2-3 times longer. It's like magic.

The final benefit of polytech is its removal process. Sine only one coat is applied, it removes easily with acetone (polytech remover is coming out later in 2010) in less than 5 minutes. However, if removed in a two week period, it easily buffs off.

The Industry Source will launch Forever Natural exclusively mid-January. More information will be available at in a couple weeks (the site is being worked on).

If you want to be first to receive Forever Natural, you can place an order for the starter kit ($49.95) and you will receive free shipping and priority status. Call 800-362-6245. With polytech, 2010 is going to be fun!

Happy Thursday!


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