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Forget Status Quo: Find The Missing Link Instead

Aluminum foil sheets for hair coloring are as ubiquitous for hairdressers as butter is for a chef. I can't tell you what company first introduced foil sheets but I can tell you that the box count has always been 500 sheets. Why? I have no idea. For more than 20 years, we have been selling 500-ct foil sheets in three sizes, 5", 9" and 12". Now that I think about it, it was Reynolds (owned by Alcoa) who introduced the idea of foil sheets instead of rolls.

Last year I saw a listing on Amazon for 100-ct foil sheets, selling for only $4.00 less than our 500-ct sheets. I asked myself "Why would anyone buy these when they could get 5x more product for only $4.00 more?" The answer was simple enough: Hairdressers or others who didn't need 500 sheets so the extra value meant nothing. I had to test this thesis myself and I introduced 100-ct foil sheets, starting with our most popular 5" size. It as an immediate hit. In fact, it sells nearly as well as the 500-ct.

I just added both 9" and 12" sizes and they too are selling quickly and among Amazon's new top releases. So I tested this thesis with another product category: Disposable pedi liners. For years, we only sold a 400-ct package because busy salons and spas needed the economic size. But what about smaller salons and spas that didn't need that many? Bingo! I introduced a new 100-ct size and guess what? It became an overnight best-seller.

I'm now on to my next great experiment with our #1 best-selling product and it's too soon to share that with you but I am feeling giddy about its release later this year. Bottom line: Forget about status quo and look for the missing link instead. This missing link is to focus on opportunities that others never thought about.


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