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Friday the 13th Revisited

Americans spent more than $42 Million last weekend watching the premier of Friday the 13th. It was the biggest weekend opening for a horror film ever.

I remember my first horror film, The House on the Haunted Hill. A group of friends decided to rent out this haunted house for fun and what fun they had. I can't remember how many times I had to close my eyes when I knew a scary scene was going to appear. (the music is responsible for this and always gives us the heads up). But I wonder why we choose to go to horror films and know we are going to close our eyes during the most gruesome scenes?

I loved the Exorcist best. The scene with Linda Blair on her bed and watching her head turn in a 360 degree was scary indeed. And the Omen was chilling. The scene with Damon when we found the 666 in his head underneath his hair was riveting. How about the first couple of Saws? I mean, who would have thought the guy in the first one wasn't dead? Talk about creepy.

But do we really need to see horror films to be scared today? In these times, comedy typically rules. Of course we know that ages 12-24 are the most likely to frequent horror films so they have little inkling of what it is like in the real world.

One thing for certain is that movies tend to shadow our mood and our inner desire to be entertained. The same is true for music and to some extent, TV shows. Witness the popularity of LOST and 24.

Movies also allow us to fantasize and escape for a couple hours while we devour popcorn, Diet Coke and Twizzlers. With the way things are going today, fantasy is good. People are still spending plenty of money on entertainment.

Short of playing movies in salons (which is illegal), how can we bring an entertainment value to customers that get hair, nail and spa services? To get the business growing again, we must get more people into salons because if we don't, Jason will have the last laugh.

Happy Friday (or is it)!


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