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Going Downriver Where the Party is Happening

This Monday from 9AM to Noon, The Industry Source store in Taylor and the salon next door, Salon Epiphany, are hosting a Kemon party celebrating everything that we stand for.

From what I have gathered, the excitement level Downriver (hey, that's a Michigan term for the 18 or so cities that are situated near or along the Detroit River and south of Detroit) for something new, exciting and affordable is at a perfect storm.

We have over 50 salon owners and hairdressers coming and the theme is party central. There will be a dozen or so models showing off their new looks and magnificent color.

I'm going to make a visit because one cannot miss a good party. There will be light refreshments, lots of fun and of course, lots of education. If you haven't been Downriver in a while, this is a great time to get acclimated once again. Wyandotte is a cool city on the river with great restaurants and not too far away-so a great place to have lunch afterwards.

I was told admission is free so come on down!

Happy Wednesday!

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