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Gossip Girls Coming to Detroit

Now I'm not one for watching too much TV, but I know for those who are in with trends and stuff, they wouldn't miss Gossip Girls on Monday's at 8PM aired on the new hip Channel CW.

I even visited their website, and noticed not only can you watch the shows, but you can join a VIP lounge, shop, and do just about anything.

So when we heard that Gossip Girls was coming to Detroit, there really had to behind something behind this phenomenon.

And sure enough, there is. Next month, both CW and Six Degrees magazine will be looking for the Detroit Gossip Girl. Auditions will be held and six finalists will be selected. Then during a one month period, the winner will be selected.

Why am I writing about Gossip Girls? Because this is about fun, trends and of course....gossip. More likely because Kemon is the official hair care sponsor and be Professional makeup is the official makeup sponsor. The Nailco Group is going to make some gossip.

We are very excited about this. Furthermore, we plan on having the finalists at DREAMS featuring The Tiffany Awards September 20 at the Rock Financial Showplace and the winner at Kemon Nights October 26 at the Royal Oak Music Theater.

And if that is not enough excitement, our very own Kemon Head Coach, Jeph Wright, from 6 Salon in Birmingham, is the official hairdresser for the finalists. And yes he will be using Kemon color and styling products on each of them.

Starting in August, we will have full page ads in Six Degrees and be featured on CW TV. I'll have more information to share with you as we get closer to launch date (August 23). In the meantime, you are now in the know!

Happy Tuesday!


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