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Hair For Success

Hair For Success is only a week away and 30 participating Kemon salons are looking forward to this very inspiring event. It seems our sponsors are just as excited.

Hair For Success offers women looking for work to get a complimentary hair color at a participating salon. The event is Monday, June 15, 9am - 5pm and we anticipate well over 500 participants. Salons are donating their time and services and tng is donating Kemon color.

Jon Jordan, beauty and fashion reporter for Channel 4 will be on hand at Andrew Marke's Rochester location reporting live. As one of our major sponsors, the entire list of 30 salons will be posted on their website, for their viewers to find a salon closest to them.

WNIC, 100.3, another major sponsor will be talking about Hair For Success all day long and will also post participating salons on their website. They were enthusiastic to help us promote this event and even stated it was one of the best ideas out there.

The Detroit Free Press, although not a sponsor, is scheduled to run a story on Monday.

All of this excitement is good news for the Kemon salon community and the women that will be participating. If you know of a friend or family member that is looking for work and can't afford salon hair color, let her know about Hair For Success.

Happy Monday!


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