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Hair For Success Goes Live!

Jon Jordan, beauty guy from WDIV Channel 4 taught me something new today. He likes to button only the middle button of a 3-button suit. I have always buttoned the top 2. Thanks to Jon, I am now fashionable.

Jon and I were on location at Andrew Marke salon in Macomb. In case you don't know where Macomb is, don't fret. I will let you know it's in Michigan and even Southeastern Michigan. Think Partridge Creek and a mile north and you will find this very busy salon.

Dynamic yet truly understated co-owner Andy Bernard with the assistance of Jon did a Kemon color treatment on Lisa, a Hair For Success participant. The Channel 4 camera taped the entire process and Monday morning at 5AM (or thereabouts), Jon Jordan and Andy will unveil Lisa's new look. Then Lisa will be ready to seek employment all fired up and looking beautiful.

All weekend long WDIV will be running promo spots for Hair For Success. And all day long on Monday they will be live at Andrew Marke and promoting the 30 participating salons on their website,

Jon and I chatted while tape was rolling about Kemon, why PPD-free and ammonia-free color is creating buzz, and the prediction that 2000 women will show up on Monday. At $80 average per pop, we calculated a donation value of $160,000. WOW!

Turn on WDIV over the weekend and watch for us.

Happy Thursday!


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