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Happy Birthday

  1. You are asked online how old you are, you select the drop down box and your year of birth is not shown. You have to scroll down.

  2. AARP card is in your mailbox. Oh, they are relentless, they will send every year until you join.

  3. When completing a survey you select the drop down box for age group. Suddenly you moved to the next age group.

  4. You are no longer part of the Arbitron prime age group ratings 25-54

  5. You receive liquor, wine and accessories for your birthday

  6. You receive funny birthday cards

  7. You are very happy all those candles don’t fit on the cake

  8. You actually don’t feel guilty eating cake and ice cream (well, that’s being really old)

  9. You have a 29 year old child

  10. Your favorite music is jazz

  11. Your favorite TV show is 60 minutes

  12. You are really teed off Bill Knapp’s closed

  13. When you go to college football games and you are 3X older than the players and cheerleaders

  14. Sleeping is more fun than partying past 10PM

  15. When people tell you how young you look for your age

  16. Health insurance matters

  17. When you chuckle after reading this

  18. Happy Friday! (and yes, today is my day)


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