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Happy Birthday to You

What was better than a birthday when you were a kid? For me, it meant presents, cake and ice cream and a visit to my favorite "fancy" restaurant. It was so exciting that sleeping the night before was difficult. (Nowadays, birthday parties for kids are out of hand and so are the gifts (no longer presents)).

Turning 18 at Michigan State was certainly a memorable date because I was legal to drink. Turning 21 was also memorable because I was legal in all states including Nevada. 30 was a non-affair although I did miss saying "20-something." 40 was fun because the BUB threw me a surprise party with decorations and fun games to play. And I loved turning 50 doing the Chicago Marathon and the wine thing at Santa Barbara with my friends.

But other than milestone birthdays, at what point do we stop getting excited about having a birthday? Sure we still get cards and stuff but our enthusiasm wanes and for what reason? Getting older sure beats the alternative....

I was at 6 salon inside the MGM Detroit over the weekend with my son and 3 girls were there talking about getting a pedicure. The one girl stated that it was her birthday and she was there to treat herself. She opted for the Express Pedi and was all excited.

That made me think . After all, is there anything worse than buying birthday presents? I mean, how many bottles of fragrance does one need? Or shoes? Or handbags? (Yes, I know the answer is infinite).

The Pedi thing is a great birthday idea but how many salons/spas actually promote services as a birthday present? I'm thinking the salon can buy some small frozen cakes and then put a gift card on top of it. Or put out a fake cake on the reception desk with the idea. It's the perfect gift.

Speaking of cake, my favorite is pound cake with no frosting. What's yours?

Happy Monday!

P.S. If you want the final installment on engagement, let me know.


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