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Happy F-----g 2022!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Here we are. Another year down, another new year here. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of total insanity: You are either going to be happy or you are going to be unhappy. There will likely be no middle ground. And BTW, if you want a real laugh (most of us can use one, learn the history of f–k by watching this great video).

2022 is the year to be happy especially after 2020 and 2021. I’m going with the glass is half full theory instead of the glass is half empty one. It is a proven fact the happier you are, the less stress you endure; you are healthier; and you have a tendency to love life compared to hating life. Mental health and suicides are are record levels, I prefer not to be part of those stats.

What is 2022 going to bring us? Here are just a few “Out Of My Mind” thoughts:

Omnicron: The virus variations are not going to go away anytime soon. Today the world experienced more infections than any other time since the pandemic. Undoubtedly there will be other variations to come. Like the flu which is roaring back, it will be around for many years to come. Live life accordingly.

Vaccination Cards: More businesses will require proof of vaccination for both employment and as a customer. The government will eventually update the archaic card to electronic status. Even airlines may start to require to board.

Stock market: Wow, 25% gain in 2021 with all the bullshit going on. Consumers will continue to spend, inflation will continue to move higher, supply chain issues will persist all year and most likely the S&P will be 5500 by yearend.

Politics: Mid-term elections will be riveting. Trump will announce his candidacy.

Travel: More and more difficult. San Juan now requires a rapid test 48 hours prior to arrival to enter. And now you have to provide a rapid test 24 hours prior to arrival in the USA from Mexico and other international destinations. Airlines are running out of employee options due to COVID. Could this be the boom of bus travel?

Supply chain: I thought the end of 2021 would signal the beginning of the end of supply chain issues. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We are paying $30,000 per FCL (full container load) and still waiting exorbitant periods to receive. Looks like the entire year will be like this, so not only will costs continue to escalate, supplies will be difficult to maintain on a regular basis.

EV’s: 2022 is the coming out year and we should see more models than ever before. But as of yet, while there are plenty of EV charging companies starting up, basic EV charging still needs to be addressed.

Professional Beauty: 2020 and 2021 have been very difficult years for salon professionals. But among all the angst, financial issues and ability to stay afloat, Olaplex went public and now has a value of more than $17B (yes, that is billion). Who got them there? Hairdressers. Once again, hairdressers made a hair care company beyond rich and what did they end up getting in return? Looks like you can take all the hair care companies from Paul Mitchell, TIGI, Matrix, Nexxus and all combined wouldn’t be worth the value of Olaplex. 2022 is going to be another tough year for those behind the chair.

Spas: Like professional beauty, the pandemic has been rough. Many spas are still closed and those that are open like in Las Vegas are operating on limited hours and offering limited services. However demand for spa services is extremely high and with a shortage of spa professionals, this is going to create quite a challenge in 2022. Already massage prices have increased more than 10-20% and it is now common to pay $250 for a 50-minute massage at a resort spa.

Retail Beauty: Alive and well, companies like ULTA are predicting double digit growth. Consumer spending is up and both men and women look to beauty as a need, not a want.

TNG Worldwide: I am very happy about our business opportunities in 2022. We just launched our latest version of our website (which is still going through issues which we hope to have resolved soon). You will find all our brands and for those that love our catalog, our 2022 e-catalog which features all our latest new products including our Expert collection of tools. January 2 we will update our B-to-B program (Diamond Partner). I see a new surge in PPE business (we are fully stocked on masks, gloves, disinfectants and foaming hand sanitizer) along with continued demand for Ginger Lily Farms personal care products. Our new 100% Morocco Argan Oil products is one of our best new launches and in 2022, we will launch a specialty line for thinning hair along with a kick-ass men’s two-in-one shower wash.

Overall: 2022 is going to be much like 2021 with an election tossed in. I think the post-holiday let-down, lack of government stimulus checks and long dark days of winter will be downers for some. For those with a positive attitude and wakes up wanting to be happy, works-out regularly, works hard and plays hard, 2022 will be just another year to live life and have fun.

P.S.: In a world of Tik-Tok You-Tube, podcasts and everything digital, is there really a need for blogs anymore? I am not so sure. It take a lot of time to write one and I can surely spend my time doing something else. As you are one of my loyal readers, you would know best if I should continue or hang it up. Please vote and let me know. Thanks for your readership and have a happy, safe and healthy new year! Happy f—–g 2022!


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