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Happy Holidays and Welcome 2010

Driving into work today I realized that most people are already in the holiday spirit- the highway was empty.

With only two days until Christmas, and with next week pretty much devoted to watching Avatar and other movie releases, there isn't much going to be happening on the business side.

I will say that we received thebeautybook 2010 Spring edition the other day and it looks fabulous. You will be receiving your copy early January and if you're new, you can register for a free copy on our website.

This will be my last blog of the year so I would like to close up the year by saying thanks to those who follow this nonsense. It reminds me of the radio announcers who figure out something new to say everyday. With millions of blogs, Twitters and Facebook posts, it's a wonder anyone has time for any of this.

Have yourself a very happy holiday season and most importantly, may 2010 bring us optimism, good health and a few more consumers into salons and spas.

Today is our last day of business this week as we gave everyone off tomorrow and Friday. We even gave a directive to our CFO, Shawn, to stay out both days!

Be good, be happy, be safe and be back in 2010.

Happy Wednesday!

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