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Happy New Year!

  1. Completely updated THE BEAUTY BOOK

  2. Completely updated THE INDUSTRY SOURCE logo

  3. Completely updated THE INDSUSTRY SOURCE magazine

  4. Completely updated Nailco Gold and renaming it Nailco Rewards

  5. In an effort to increase our 99.1% fill rate, will beginning shipping any backorder items from our Coppell distribution center (if they have in stock)

  6. Completely new uniforms for THE INDUSTRY STORE store talent

  7. The much anticipated launch of black 15in1 TWICE A WEEK Miracle Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

  8. The launch of the new black 15in1 marketing campaign

  9. The launch of Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals

  10. The launch of the new Kemon NaYo marketing campaign and salon loyalty program

  11. An all new charity event to replace Tiffany to be held Sunday, October 7. The new event is super exciting and will feature many celebrities.

  12. The update of our websites. Look for a completely new look for as well as 2012 is an election year and perhaps the year we will see unemployment drop to 8%, more consumers headed to salons and spas and even some optimism. We are ready for a fabulous new year and cannot wait for the fun to begin. Healthy, happy and prosperous new year to all. Thank you for your “eyes,” comments and support. Happy 2012!

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